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Christie pension reform plan awaited Elizabeth firefighter Ryan Lin, with his daughter, Jordyn, 2, attends a forum in Long Beach Township Tuesday at which Gov. Chris Christie told a gathering of
cheap jerseys china police, firefighters and others that further reforms to the state’s pension systems are needed. )TRENTON First came the action movie trailer, then the promotion tour, but when do we see the substance of Gov. Chris Christie’s plans to get the state employee benefits systems in shape? The amateurish trailer video posted on YouTube for a fake movie sought to position Christie as an action hero fighting for pension reform amid all manner of distractions.
cheap jerseys Besides being silly, the video had no detail or hint of what he plans to
cheap jerseys top do. RELATED: Christie places 6th in new Fla. poll of potential 2016 runners Next came the "No Pain, No Gain" tour of the Jersey Shore, which looked a great deal like last year’s beach tours, albeit built around a different subject. Christie said by the end of the summer he will offer a solution