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in a big way this afternoon in a 5 3 loser’s bracket victory over Cal State Fullerton that eliminated the Titans. "TD Ameritrade Park is a beautiful park in a wonderful city," Maineiri said, "but it was like there was
cheap jerseys top a curse on the LSU Tigers for a couple of years. To just get a victory is very relieving." Even more of a reason for Mainieri to exhale was the way his team rebounded from a 3
authentic cheap jerseys 0 first inning deficit that the Titans established
wholesale jerseys china against LSU pitching staff ace Alex Lange. The Tigers could have gone into shock witnessing something they’d rarely seen all year. Cal State Fullerton, with a station to station offense built on manufacturing runs through guile rather than power, treated Lange and his 1.89 ERA like he was a batting practice pitcher. The team that came to Omaha with the lowest batting average of the eight CWS teams ripped four straight one out hits single, RBI triple, RBI single and single along with an RBI sacrifice bunt. Stunning stuff, especially for Lange, who had previously


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Christie pension reform plan awaited Elizabeth firefighter Ryan Lin, with his daughter, Jordyn, 2, attends a forum in Long Beach Township Tuesday at which Gov. Chris Christie told a gathering of
cheap jerseys china police, firefighters and others that further reforms to the state’s pension systems are needed. )TRENTON First came the action movie trailer, then the promotion tour, but when do we see the substance of Gov. Chris Christie’s plans to get the state employee benefits systems in shape? The amateurish trailer video posted on YouTube for a fake movie sought to position Christie as an action hero fighting for pension reform amid all manner of distractions.
cheap jerseys Besides being silly, the video had no detail or hint of what he plans to
cheap jerseys top do. RELATED: Christie places 6th in new Fla. poll of potential 2016 runners Next came the "No Pain, No Gain" tour of the Jersey Shore, which looked a great deal like last year’s beach tours, albeit built around a different subject. Christie said by the end of the summer he will offer a solution


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Since 2010, I’ve been using LendingClub (NYSE:LC) as a platform to increase my passive income. My wife and I were fortunate enough to participate in the directed share program LC set up for retail investors.payday loans no credit check With the IPO success on December 11th, everyone is wondering what the future of the company is, as well as the future of the banking industry. With a 56% increase from its IPO pricing, investors might be salivating at the chance to own the leader in Peer to Peer lending. LC is up about 70% from its IPO price of $15.

Obviously, I’m optimistic about the future of LC, but there are some serious concerns that investors, in both the DSP and potential investors, should be aware of. Before I get into the cons of LC, I’ll explain some of the benefits of the IPO, for LC and its investors.

First, LC has been expanding its loan offerings, which is its revenue stream.payday loans direct In 2007, LC opened its platform on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) only offered unsecured personal loans to those with a credit score of 640 and above, with a maximum of $25,000. Now, LC offers personal loans of up to $35,000 to borrowers with a credit score of 660 or more, business loans of up to $300,000, and after acquiring Springstone Financial LLC. they now offer healthcare and education loans of up to $40,000. Higher loan amounts allow LC to collect more in origination fees, currently 1 5% of loan amounts and is based on the borrower’s credit risk. Varied loan products also attracts new borrowers, as LC has the potential to become the «go to» platform for those looking to borrow money.

LC has also been diversifying its revenue. In addition to charging loan origination fees, LC has now started charging investors a 1% fee for collecting payments from borrowers. This allows LC to create a monthly cash flow from notes on its platform, and shows investors that they are committed to ensuring that borrowers pay on time. LendingClub has also offered to manage accounts of $2,500 or more, and charge investors for the convenience of a completely passive portfolio. As LC’s platform and loan products grow, there will be more opportunities to diversify their income stream.

LendingClub had been banned to investors in 24 states (20 of those states allow investors to use LC’s trading platform), and to borrowers in 5 states. However, as a public company, it will now be governed by federal regulations under the SEC, and will be able to operate everywhere. If LC is able to operate in every state, this not only allows them access to more investors/borrowers, LC could significantly change online financial products. Let’s consider a home mortgage, the holy grail of the banking industry. Sofi also offers student loans and refinancing, MBA loans, mortgage refinancing and of course personal loans. LC has already stated that the proceeds from its IPO will be used to pay down debt, increase their financial stability, and acquire other financial companies. If LC were to acquire SoFi, they would not only become the largest peer to peer lender, but also the largest online home mortgage platform. The ability to offer home mortgages, along with the validation (and media coverage) of their IPO, could significantly change the banking industry as we know it.

Now, the pitfalls. To be blunt to investors, LC is really a facilitator/matchmaker of borrowers and lenders. Increasing demand of investors, while a shrinking supply of borrowers could cause LC to issue larger, risker loans in order increase revenue. This would be the worst case scenario for borrowers and lenders. Institutions have flooded the platform, which does validate their services, but also makes it a little more difficult for retail investors. LendingClub also had to partner with Web Bank in Utah in order to grow their platform. It appears as if those pesky banks are here to stay.

First nine months of 2014, LC had an EPS of $0.41. Investors who didn’t participate in the IPO of $15 have to seriously ask if they want to own a company with negative earnings, a P/S of 62.03. The real money is in using the LC platform and investing in loans. 84% of investors with less than 100 notes have seen positive returns, while 99.9% of investors with more than 100 notes have had positive returns. Accounts that have been opened for a year to a year and a half have average returns of 8.5%. This type of monthly cash flow is almost unmatched for income investors. Accounts are FDIC insured with Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC). WFC also profited in the IPO, with 50 million shares now worth over $1.2 billion.

Competition to LC has increased, especially since the SEC has been slow to release the rules on crowd funding in Title III of the JOBS Act. Companies have been positioning themselves in order to take advantage of the SEC’s ruling. This would flood the market with new investment options, as well as new opportunities for those seeking funds. LendingClub’s major competition, besides every bank in the world, is Prosper, a peer to peer lending platform that has supported over $2 billion in loan offerings. As investors, both retail and institutional, are given more options for creating ROI, and as borrowers are given more options for financing, LC could see a decline in platform participants. There isn’t anything proprietary about offering a platform for loans, so LC must establish itself as «THE» platform for loans and income investment.

Investors should focus on using the platform for positive returns. An $8.9 billion valuation is pretty steep for a company with negative EPS. Although this my position in LC is very different from my value investment strategy in dividend producing companies, I’m focusing more on continuing to reinvest my monthly cash flow on their platform. To those who profited on the IPO, kudos to us. To investors looking to invest in LC, you should focus on the 8.5% returns on the platform.


Visit Finnskogen

Skal du besøke et sted i Norge og er interessert i vakker natur,mystikk,jakt,fiske og avslapping.Så vil jeg anbefale et besøk på Finnskogen.Her finner du alt dette på ett og samme sted.

For jakt og fiske interesserte er Finnskogen et eldorado.Finnene som kom hit for flere hundre år siden,kalte Finnskogen for de tusen sjøers land og det kan nok stemme,selv om jeg ikke kan gå god for at det er tusen sjøer der,så er det i hvertfall mer enn nok av dem.

Jakt, er det også gode muligheter for,her finnes elg,hjort,rådyr,storfugl,bjørn og ulv.Selvom de to siste ikke er noe du kan felle med et gevær,så kan du fange de med et kamera 🙂

Er du kun interessert i vakker natur og lange turer,så er dette det rette stedet.Her finnes vakker natur i milevis i nær sakt uberørt natur.

Finnskogen er et paradis for den som søker nærhet til naturen og ønsker seg bort fra den moderne verdens kjas og mas.Selvsakt,så finner du alt hva du ønsker her også av moderne fasiliteter,så sant du ønsker,men også ensomhet og stillhet uten trafikk og masse mennesker.

Finnskogen kan ikke hverken forklares eller beskrives,den må oppleves.

Finnskogen vil enten skremme deg med sin villmark og ensomhet eller så vil den fange hjertet ditt på samme måte,som den fanget mitt.Finnskogen glemmer du aldri etter ett besøk,den vil for alltid sette uutslettelige spor i ditt hjerte og sinn.

Den er trolsk,uforglemmelig og utrolig vakker.Sagnomsust og spennende.Den er den eneste i sitt slag.Opplev den en gang i livet og den vil være med deg for resten av livet i minnene.

Ta en kikk på de linkene jag har under «steder du bør se på finnskogen» og se om du ikke også kan finne ditt eget drømmested.

Ta en tur hit da vel.Det vil du ikke angre på,det blir en opplevelse for både sjel og sinn,kansje fanger den ditt hjerte også.

Velkommen skal du være hit til mystikken og trolldommenes sted.


3,5 kg krekling
0,5 kg rosiner
2,0 kg sukker


1 porsjon gir ca 10 liter
Start med rosiner + 3 liter vann + gjær. Når dette har gjæret en dag legges kreklingen i. Press fra saften etter 2-3 dager.
Se under for mer veiledning

Frukt og bær:

Man kan bruke alle slags bær og frukter. Også saft og
tørkede frukter. Det kan være lurt å fryse bær og frukt først da de da blir litt
myke og frigjør mer fruktsukker. Særlig frukt må skylles før bruk. Bringebær,
blåbær og bjørnebær trenger det ikke. Råvarer kan og moses, presses osv for å få
mest saft ut. Bær og frukt må være skikkelig modne.


Gjæring i bøtte

Når fruktmosen er knust i en bøtte, og er blitt kald
etter at vann er tilsatt, så tilsettes gjærnæring, gjær og evt enzym. Rør godt
ett par ganger hver dag. Dekk til med ett klede og la det stå til det begynner å
gjære skikkelig. kan ta fra en dag til en uke. La det så putre i noen dager før
man siler det over på ballongen. Bruk sileklede. Det som er igjen av frukten
overhelels litt lunkent vann og man kan presse ut mer saft.

Gjæring på ballongen

Når mosten er på ballongen så tilsetter du ca
halvparten av sukkeret utrørt i vann. ballongen skal være 3/4 full. Sett i
gjærlås og sett ballongen ved 18-20 grader og helst mørkt og jevn temp. Når så
den veldige gjæringen har dempet seg tilsetter du resten av sukkeret i litt
vann. Man kan og tilsette sukker i flere porsjoner for å ha litt kontroll på


Når vinen er ferdig gjæret så bør den stikkes om. Bruk en
ekstra ren ballong og hevert. Det er lurt å bruke en mindre ballong slik at det
ikke blir for mye luft over vinen. Vær forsiktig slik at du ikke får med
bunnfall. man bør og svovle og evt ha i gjærstopp. Sett så vinen på en
mørk/kjølig sted til neste omstikking. Vinen kan stikkes om mange ganger og her
gjelder det å ha tålmodighet. Hvis du ikke klarer å få vinen klar så kan det
brukes klaringsmiddel eller filter. Vin kan og settes kaldt ned mot 0 grader for
å bli mer klar.

Før tapping

Det kan bli aktuellt å ettersøte vin. Pass på ettergjæring.
Man kan og tilsette sitronsyre for å øke syreinnholdet.


Vinen tappes på flasker når den er stabilisert og ferdig klaret.
Bruk rengjorte flasker og gjør klar korker og merkelapper. Tapp flaskene slik at
det er plass til korken. Sett på etiketter og la de stå oppreist noen


Vin lagres liggende ved 8-12 grader i en mørk, stabil

Finnskogseyes på Facebook

Fra Värmlands Folkblad: Det spøker på Apertin.

Spøkelset på Apertin skal være Sara Löwenhielm.Sagnet sier at hun danset seg til døde med djevelen.Som spor etter dette finnes en blodflekk,som etter utallige forsøk på å få bort,ikke lar seg fjerne.

 Du finner flere historier og annet som er knyttet til Finnskogen på Finnskogseyes Facebook side: